+ What is a Motiva Health Ambassador®?

A Motiva Health Ambassador® is a specialized healthcare provider, clinician, professional, or healthcare student who shares the goal and vision of expanding corporate and integrative opportunities for all healthcare professionals.

+ Why do I want to be a Motiva Health Ambassador®?

Simple. You will be the first among a network of providers to be considered for career and corporate opportunities that advance the holistic mission of helping expand conservative care in the workplace.

+ How do I become a Motiva Health Ambassador®?

To become a Motiva Health Ambassador® you must complete the initial intake process that consists of: two (2) video interviews, a personal profile/bio questionnaire, and mutual signing of an NDA.

  • The personal profile is the most important part of completing the intake packet, this is your time to shine! Here you will upload your professional headshot, bio, health passions and professional field information. This information will be used to design your very own bio page which will link and advertise your current position/practice/company. Furthermore, this information will be utilized by the Motiva Health Sales Team when opportunities arise in the corporate setting that corresponds to your specific skill set or field.
  • The video interviews are designed to assess your professionalism in your corresponding field and your shared interest in corporate opportunities for healthcare professionals.
  • An NDA is to protect both the MH Enterprise and you as a professional. In the course of conversations, trade secrets may be discussed by either party, it is important to remember these are confidential conversations in the interest of furthering a shared mission.

+ What is required of a Motiva Health Ambassador®?

After the initial intake process, the only requirement is to maintain professionalism and good standing in your corresponding field as deemed by your appropriate governing board or licensure/certification requirements.

+ If I am interested in learning more, how do I begin the process?

If you are new to the program and have not had any prior contact with the Motiva Health Recruiting Team please use the form below to request more information and begin the process!

If you are already in contact with our recruiting team or an members of Motiva Health, please use this page as a guide and direct and further questions to your Motiva Health representative!

If you have not been in touch with a Motiva Representative and would like to know more please fill out the form below.

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