Office Snack List: Boost Your Mood

Office Snack List: Boost Your Mood

Several nutrients are associated with combatting the blues and improving our moods. We compiled a brief list and while we were at it, we selected our top snack to correspond with each nutrient at hand. Here at Motiva, we like to keep a few healthy snacks at our desks— we wanted to share our favorites with you. Happy snacking!

  1. Selenium
    Top snack pick: Brazil nuts

  2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    Top snack pick: Chia seed pudding

  3. Calcium
    Top snack pick: Kale chips

  4. Vitamin B6
    Top snack pick: Roasted chickpeas

  5. Magnesium
    Top snack pick: Almonds

  6. Vitamin D
    Top snack pick: Hard boiled egg

  7. Zinc
    Top snack pick: Roasted pumpkin seeds

  8. Vitamin B12
    Top snack pick: Organic, plain yogurt

For tips on how to improve your meal food choices, read 5 Nutritional Tips for Brainpower.

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