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Job Description

As an onsite Health Coach, you will be part of an integrative team consisting of Doctors of Chiropractic (DC’s), a Public Health Nurse (PHN, RN) and other health coach specialists. It will be your responsibility to serve as an overall health resource, teacher, advocate, and motivator to assist patients with health needs, align healthy behaviors with current habits, and implement practical action plans promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

As part of the Conservative Care Team, the Health Coach will be expected to collaborate on and deliver a high-quality coaching program, measure and track outcomes, and improve coaching program as needed. 


Job Duties/Requirements:

  • Approximately 10 hours/week at onsite location
  • Additional 2-4 hours/week, remote support and engagement
  • Provide, track and improve upon a standard of excellence within coaching program
  • Integrate and collaborate with care team to help evaluate, expand, and execute action plans related to achieving and supporting patients overall health
  • Conduct assessments, follow-ups and onsite health/wellness classes
  • Communicate with patients on consistent basis, both onsite and through telecommunications, to track their progress and encourage consistent scheduling for additional touchpoints
  • Recommend healthy behavioral changes in areas of stress management, weight management, physical activity, smoking cessation, and diet/nutrition.
  • Hold patients accountable to set and reach concrete health goals.
  • Educate patients about their chronic illnesses in a simplistic manner to better overall understanding and compliance  
  • Collaborate with conservative care team on co-morbidity and chronic conditions, urgent care visits, hospitalizations, pharmaceuticals and any areas that could impact the patient's health and compliance.
  • Review personalized care plans with each patient
  • Facilitate patient in identifying and acquiring appropriate supplementation and lifestyle recommendations. 
  • Comply with strict patient confidentiality and HIPAA guidelines at all times.


Education and Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in an appropriate health field including but not limited to Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Human Biology, Psychology, Health Education, Nursing, Occupational Health, etc.
  • Masters degree/clinical experience preferred
  • ICHWC approved program for Certified Health Coaching
  • Two years minimum experience working directly with patients. Onsite corporate setting and integrative health experience is highly preferred
  • Proficient and knowledgeable in evidence based practices
  • Excellent person-to-person communication
  • Proficient skills regarding organization, evaluation, leadership, and time-management.
  • Technologically savvy and preferred experience with EHR, CRM, video conferencing, and app based programs.
  • Current or willing to get BLS (Basic Life Support) certification