A Holistic Approach For Whole Health Returns. Partnering with small-to-medium sized employers to compete in an enterprise driven healthcare economy.

Motiva Health partners with small to medium sized enterprises to offer a proactive and holistic approach to onsite healthcare.

Targeting the largest cost driver for companies and the behaviors associated with chronic disease.

"Musculoskeletal disorders are the
#1 cost-drivers for employers"

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Employees rated their experience as excellent or good




Hours saved from having to leave work for care offsite
*Single/ 18 month location



Higher utilization of onsite services when compared to the community

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Something is wrong with healthcare. Our nation has been overtaken by chronic disease and prolonged medication use, which are often quickly prescribed without an exit strategy for the patient. 
With medication and surgical rates consistently increasing spending in the healthcare sector,
it is time to turn to a new mode of thought. 

Preventive care is the solution. Preventive care is true healthcare. 

Focusing on prevention, both for the individual and the company, is the best way to ensure that chronic pain and preventable diseases do not continue to ruin our current state of health.
We need to take back control and remember - life is meant to be vibrant, full and pain free. 

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The Bay Area contains one of the most unique industries in the world! With new innovations and companies on the rise all the time, employees continue to push through normal
operating hours and into a new level of productivity.

No matter how much our minds work, our bodies continue to reach their threshold. With work related injuries and productivity demands increasing, it is important that we keep you healthy and focused on what you do best.  

That is why we are bringing the care to you! Let us focus on giving the body the relief it needs.
And you can focus on everything else.