A Holistic Approach For Whole Health Returns. Partnering with small-to-medium sized employers to compete in an enterprise driven healthcare economy.


Motiva Health pairs onsite access with dedicated providers or a team of clinicians to manage the everyday health and wellness of your enterprise.

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Musculoskeletal care

As specialists in musculoskeletal disorders and the nervous system, Doctors of Chiropractic are one of the most effective, efficient and sought after specialists in onsite clinics.

With the highest standards of safety and cost-effective methods, they are positioned to diagnose and treat many of the most common work-related ailments.

Their expertise helps to control and decrease your overall healthcare spend by reducing urgent care and unnecessary medical costs. As portal of entry providers, chiropractors are a great first stop for your employees to receive more information on numerous conditions all while utilizing the entire healthcare system as needed.


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Behavioral Health

Wellness Coaching offers the benefits of deep listening and support to employees, without triggering the resistance or stigma associated with clinical mental health support. Coaching provides a safe inroad for employees to address acute or cumulative stress, and create greater work/life balance without feeling their challenges have been pathologized - especially in a workplace setting where they may be concerned that seeking “help” could affect their employer’s perception of their well-being or capacity to perform, despite being assured confidentiality.

Certified Health & Wellness coaches are not only adept at offering active listening and conveying unconditional positive regard to addressing client challenges, they are also armed with the training and expertise in behavioral change to help clients move past stagnant conversation. This helps to identify obstacles, brainstorm and strategize solutions, and empower clients to take tangible steps towards achieving their desired change. They are proactively solution-focused, rather than passive support. Achieving and celebrating small goals will also increase an employee’s motivation, offer a boost in dopamine, and often lead to more significant change.


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Family Health

Using an integrative approach, each Motiva specialist delivers a distinct suite of support, in line with their expertise.

At the forefront, the holistic health nurse is adapted to help each family navigate the clinical and lifestyle avenues that arise during and after pregnancy. A wealthy source of information and guidance, your employees will have an accessible advocate for all their needs!

Doctors of Chiropractic are Motiva Health's pain and biomechanical specialists that focus on the neuromuscular changes and physical stress that arise as a mother progresses through her pregnancy. Helping to mitigate pain and altered biomechanics, while ensuring she is as comfortable and as strong as possible.

Rounding out the parental support is the health & wellness coach! By navigating the emotional and psychological aspects of planning for a child, we assist both the maternal and paternal aspects of the family as they encounter unique stresses of life as a new parent.

Offering maternity/paternity leave is no longer all that is needed in the modern workplace. A well-rounded program with frequent touchpoints, integrative team collaboration and remote access can benefit employers by supporting families whether they are planning, expecting, or transitioning back into their work after having a baby.


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