What We Do



Motiva Health partners with small-to-medium sized employers to compete in an enterprise driven healthcare economy.

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From start-ups to developed enterprises, we provide a targeted and conservative care solution to your onsite care needs.

Full medical onsite clinics are costly and difficult to provide ROI outside of the largest companies. We focus on implementing the best specialists for your needs while providing a cost effective setup.


Behavioral Health

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Musculoskeletal Care

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Family Health

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Lifestyle health & wellbeing management centered around consistent touchpoints, actionable steps, and measurable improvements across a spectrum of lifestyle behaviors.

Onsite, same-day, diagnosis and treatment by board certified experts specializing in pain management, acute and chronic injury care, biomechanical changes, and rehabilitative therapy.

An integrative approach delivering a distinct suite of services for parents and family support centered around family planning, transitions, work-life reintegrations and whole health holistic guidance in everyday life.


“An integrative team providing onsite and remote support
for the whole health of your enterprise”