A Holistic Approach For Whole Health Returns. Partnering with small-to-medium sized employers to compete in an enterprise driven healthcare economy.

"To us, it’s not just about treating patients, it’s about healing and helping people.
At Motiva Health, we have a sincere passion for true healthcare and strive to inspire you and your employees to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime."

Employees deserve access to providers who truly listen and look at the big picture of health. With longer appointment times and an overall health centered focus, we are able to deliver a higher quality of care - because that is what matters. 


With onsite Doctors of Chiropractic your company will have a devoted leader and wellness specialist that focuses on diagnosis, treatment, personal nutrition, behavioral ergonomics, and optimizing your company’s physical culture.

This personalized program will be the foundation for your company’s long-term health and wellness success, establishing a true "culture of health."

We know creating a healthy workplace is not an easy undertaking in today's fast-paced environment. That is why your onsite doctor is the key to creating a successful program. Taking the work off of your hands as they focus on being your health and wellness leader.

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This is Motiva Health's specialty.
 Preventive care for the workplace.


Chiropractic and Preventive Care

The leading causes of workplace pain and disability are musculoskeletal and repetitive motion injuries. Doctors of Chiropractic specialize in diagnosis, treatment and conservative care of the musculoskeletal system, positioning them as leaders in preventive healthcare.

With our doctors onsite, your company will be better prepared to handle both new and chronic injuries, which are plaguing your workforce by decreasing production and employee satisfaction.


Of all the opinions and fads that surround the world of nutrition, we believe firmly in one thing - nutrition should be personal. Your employees will have access to a trained specialist that uses evidence based practice to tailor a nutritional program to each employee’s needs and goals.

Behavioral Ergonomics

With your dedicated onsite doctor of chiropractic diagnosing the employee’s musculoskeletal complaints, they can then go directly to the employee’s workstation to influence true “behavioral ergonomics.” This is much more than just an ergonomic assessment - this is targeted care for your employees based on how they interact with their environment, considering much more than just furniture adjustments. 

True change is made when an employee understands how to interact with their environment and workstation in the healthiest way. Teaching your employees healthy behaviors that can be implemented immediately in their daily lives will have a huge impact on their health status moving forward. 

Physical Culture

To establish a true "culture of health," a wellness program must address both the individual’s and organization’s overall health status. To affect change throughout the organization, it is important to understand the meaning of physical culture - a combination of personal and collective patterns influenced by nutrition, exercise, mental health, and overall wellbeing.

Because doctors of chiropractic are primary care providers with a broad scope of knowledge and practice, it allows them to focus on your employee's overall health. This well rounded approach will influence the physical culture of not only individuals, but your organization as a whole.

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Multi-faceted preventive healthcare - personalized for each employee

Workplace wellness education for overall and lasting health changes

Expedient access to healthcare provider for employee care

Convenient - streamlined appointments and scheduling

Relief from acute, chronic, and work related pain

No Commute or travel needed

No loss in valuable work time

Overall increase in wellbeing


Physical medicine programs offer largest ROI of all onsite care services

Competitive onsite benefit to help retain and recruit employees

Onsite care helps decrease Workers Comp expenses

Improved employee productivity and satisfaction

Preventive care helps reduce risk of new injuries

Evidence based health and wellness care

Decrease absenteeism among employees

Behavioral ergonomic assessments

Onsite primary care providers