Desk Stretches For When Ergonomics Isn't Enough


With pain awareness month upon us, it is important to understand how you can help yourself every day!

One of my treatment focuses, as an onsite physician, is “Behavioral Ergonomics.”

Behavioral ergonomics places a focus on understanding your pain, posture, and how you operate in your daily work environment. This allows you to take control of your health and alleviate those repetitive stress injuries. 

Here are a few quick and straightforward tips to help with those aches and pains while on the job!

Levator Scapula Stretch


While sitting or standing place your opposite hand on the side of the neck you want to stretch. Safely pull your head away from the opposite shoulder and pull forward until you feel a stretch from the base of your head down into your shoulder blade. 
Hold this stretch for at least 12 seconds/3 times and repeat 2x per day. 

Chin Tuck For Neck Pain


While sitting or standing, pull your shoulders down and back and look straight forward.  Create somewhat of a double chin appearance, tuck your chin and hold. You will feel a stretch directly below the base of your skull. 
Repeat this 15 times and twice daily.

Thoracic Extension In Chair With Towel


Start in a seated position, with your feet on the floor. Place a rolled up towel between the backrest and your upper spine. Place your hands on your neck and interlace your fingers. Point your elbows to the front. 
From this position, lean backwards over the towel. Hold this position for 30 seconds, break and repeat 3 more times. Do this two times per day! After this, you can move the towel upwards or downwards.

Seated Trunk Rotation


Sit upright in a chair and rotate your body round to one side, using your arms on the back of the chair to pull yourself round further.  This should feel like a stretch through the torso. If no pain is felt, you can lightly take the stretch farther but do not over do it! Hold this for 15-20 seconds and repeat on both side. Do this twice daily or as needed. 

Kneeling psoas stretch


Kneel down on your affected leg and stride the other one out in front. Push your hips forward and clasp your hands behind your head while you push your hips forward. Make sure you keep your chest up. You should feel this stretch through the front of the hip. Hold for 15-20 seconds on both sides and repeat three times over. Perform this twice daily. 

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