‘Tis the Season to Stay Healthy and Fit

‘Tis the Season to Stay Healthy and Fit

The holidays: a time to celebrate the company of family, coworkers, and friends - a time to eat, drink and be merry. With these feasts and festivities, we sometimes deviate from our normal food patterns and workout routines, perhaps leaving us feeling fatigued or out of shape.

However, this trend isn’t inevitable - we can absolutely make the holidays healthier this year! Whether you are trying to prevent weight gain or avoid a post-meal crash, we have a few ideas to help you stay on track this holiday!

Make an early New Years resolution

Why wait until 2018? Dive right into new health and wellness goals and end the year with a bang! Plus, if weight management is on your radar, it’s a lot easier to prevent packing on extra pounds rather than to lose them after you gain!

Consume ginger

Ginger isn’t only for holiday cookies and colorful cottages. This herb/spice has been shown to regulate insulin responses as well as to curb hunger, which could ultimately help you to eat less and feel better! Peel or grate fresh ginger into a mug of hot water, add a splash of squeezed lemon, and enjoy.

Minimize alcohol intake

Holiday cocktails such as spiked eggnog can rack up more calories than dessert! Opt for a lighter drink, such as wine spritzer with half wine, half sparkling mineral water. Better yet, fill your cocktail glass with a kombucha or something else that might mimic alcohol quite nicely.

Exercise more, not less

We know you are busy with parties and holiday errands, but this is the time when we need exercise the most. Stay fit and reduce stress by squeezing in extra trips to the gym on your lunch breaks or taking the longer routes in the shopping mall. If you have visitors in town, inspire them to get moving as well. Partake in a quick, fun, exercise challenge that’s good for kids and adults alike!

Bring healthy dishes

Be that coworker, friend or family member to bring the healthiest platter to the shindig! Ideas include a roasted veggie dish, shrimp cocktail, roasted chicken, or a fruit salad dessert. You’ll be guaranteed a healthy option while you spread the love with nurturing food!

Set an intention

Before you hit the holiday party or take your first bite of a dinner meal, think about what would make the event meaningful. Is it your intention to enjoy and indulge but within reason? Honoring your intent will have an impact on how the evening unfolds!

Change your food order

New preliminary research suggests that the order in which we eat food groups within a meal may have an impact on post-meal blood sugar. Start and finish eating protein and non-starchy vegetable portions before moving on to high carb foods such as pasta, rice and starchy vegetables. Observe if this strategy has an impact on the amount you consume or your energy levels after a meal!

Walk right after meals

Walking immediately after meals has also been shown to bring down post-meal blood sugar levels. Instead of allowing yourself to fall into a "food coma,” without further ado, take a stroll - even a 10-minute journey may help!

Catch some ZZZ’s

Let’s face it - being tired has an impact on our willpower to resist temptations. Furthermore, chronic sleep loss may ultimately affect metabolic processes that influence hunger and weight gain. Get more sleep to encourage wiser choices and better energy metabolism.

For tips on how to get better sleep, read our next article!

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